Grant Calls

The Institute’s research grants seed transdisciplinary research that not only pushes the boundary of the current knowledge on data science, but will also lead to innovative solutions that can be translated for real use to create impact and lasting values.

Current grant call (Open to all NUS faculties, Closing Date: 8 Dec 2016)

The Institute of Data Science (IDS) invites proposals for data science/analytics projects. Projects must fall into one of the following two categories:

(i) Thematic Category: Analysis of Global Talent Flow

In today’s globalized and complex economy, it is vital to understand and analyze the flow of talents in order to gain competitive advantage or insights on reputation of an organization. This is becoming possible as profiles of individuals and organizations can be obtained from many sources. Such a study can result in breakthroughs that are currently not possible. For example, an analysis of profiles of executives (CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, etc.) offers a deeper understanding of the effect of human resource flows from and to different geographical regions, types of industries, and how this may affect the organization performance. It may offer insights on where the next “goldmine” or business opportunity will be. As another example, by analyzing profiles of professors (e.g., where they received their PhDs), it is possible to derive the flow/placement of graduate students of a university. Intuitively, if many graduates of a university are placed in top universities, then that university should have a high rank. This metric can be extended to look at placement in critical positions in organization/government. Such a scheme is not only more transparent, it better reflects the reputation of a university.

(ii) Open Category: Analysis of Publicly Available Data

The Internet contains a wealth of publicly available data, ranging from personal and professional profiles (through LinkedIn, Personal webpages, Facebook and Wikipedia) to social media data (through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), and from spatial data (e.g. location data) to image to video data (though youtube). Not all these are useful – some are distorted facts, others are junks, and there are those that are untrue. Even for data that are valid and true, they may be duplicated over multiple different sources. However, many users are turning to the Internet as a source of information. It would be useful/important if these data can be turned into valuable and trustworthy/credible information that serves the good of the general public.

Proposals that satisfy the following requirements will be given priorities:

  1. Proposals that are multi-disciplinary, and involve investigators from at least 2 departments;
  2. Proposals with a long term plan, i.e., the grant is used to seed-fund preliminary work in preparation for larger external grant;
  3. Proposals with translational potential or some other form of impact;
  4. Proposals that will contribute new and sharable (clean) datasets for use by IDS affiliates and/or NUS community for research purposes.

For further details of the grant call, please email us.