Virtually every sector of society has a growing interest in artificial intelligence, big data, and data science. Academia, government, industry and business are all committing resources to research and application. These sectors have accumulated lots of data and offer real-life data driven problems that cut across multiple disciplines.

The Institute facilitates joint collaborations across the departments to develop solutions to these problems, and provides a single focal point for industries and public agencies to tap into the broad spectrum of scientific and technological expertise in the various faculties and departments of the University.

Through working on these challenging real-life problems, we can change the traditional mindset of researchers – to facilitate collaboration on impactful research rather than working in silos on “small” problems. Our focus on solving real-life data science problems that meet the needs of various sectors leads to the potential for technology transfer and translation of research outputs for real world deployments.

We will showcase our various data science projects here as we embark on the journey of transdisciplinary and translational research that enables the efficient discovery of reliable and meaningful knowledge from data.